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To store rolls ... What else?!



Once the rolls out of their original packaging, their storage often seems problematic. Different size, heavy weight and the lack of packaging materials also make the handling of rolls difficult.

A further analysis of the working behaviour at digital printing workshops has motivated us to find a novel, optimum and easy solution without restrains. “Ergonomic” & “productivity“ are the keywords that define our research.

Various carriage systems are seeking to bring appropriate solutions but they are either too large or too heavy to move, inconvenient to handle and definitely not ergonomic. Stock & Roll finally brings a full solution to end the transport and storage problems for your large-scale digital printing!

The Stock & Roll is both compact and mobile; thanks to its patented roll blocking system, it ensures fluent mobility on all kind of floor. It also offers better working conditions to the operators making it easy to carry heavy loads as adhesive film rolls or plastic rolls. This way, only one individual can easily move up to 6 rolls on this carriage system.

At first glance, the Stock and Roll is a design product. However, in addition to being convenient, it will provide a clean and tidy picture of your workshop, a positive image for both visitors and employees.

The Stock & Roll is designed to optimize storage and handling of your large-scale digital printing:

  • Storage of 6 rolls of width up to 1m60
  • Quick roll blocking system
  • One location for 2“ and 3“ cores
  • Easy identification of your products
  • Fluent mobility of the cart
  • Patented roll blocking system
  • A 2 year guarantee
  • Fully assembled and ready for use



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